Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Let's focus on the opposite of LOVE during this Valentine's Day. The reality is, cupid would be more visible if it were not for the opposing force of FEAR being so paramount in our lives. Being aware of the enemy will enable us to enjoy this month and every other month more, because the best defense is a good offense. Fear no longer engulfs us when we make a conscious decision and make a better choice. Faith and courage increase incredibly for the better when we allow them into our lives, but again it is a choice to rule out fair and choose love. A famous book of self-discovery is, "The Four Agreements by Luis Ruiz. It teaches us how to love ourselves more enabling us to love others. The chapter Do Not Take it Personally, helped me let go of what others think, realizing  it has nothing to do with me. It is usually their issue.

The beauty of life is that everything we need on this journey is within us. Every answer, person and experience will be revealed provide our path is guided by our heart and comes from within. My own quote, "Follow the path of your heart and you'll find happiness wherever you go." Applies here, and we alone know what is best for us. It is time we forget relying on others, go within, and get comfortable with whom we are and discover what we ourselves believe.

That is the only way to find peace, a form of true love. Journaling and meditation helped lessen my fears and provided faith in this dance with the universe. Just for today, let us each reply on our inner guidance known as intuition. As an international intuitive and educated in both psychology and metaphysics, the worst enemy any of us have is fear. Others do not stand in the way of our success. In my intense years of counseling others, it is either

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