Self Talk

One of the most important conversations we will ever have is one we have with ourselves, that is what we call self-talk. 

An appropriate quote states, "What you focus on increases." That can be true for both negative and positive thoughts.  Focusing on the negative is a choice we make yet we can also choose to fill ourselves with positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

For example, if you focus on the unfairness of things at work, you will then see more unfairness because that is where your focus is. Consequently, if you focus on the positive of your workplace, life will beget more positive. 

I know it's easier to say than it is to do. We all have old tapes in our subconscious mind that play until we replace them with positive, empowering thoughts. 

The best way I know is to create  formulas with positive phrases or affirmations. These should reflect what you would like to be, or have, not who you already are or what you already have. The best way to do an affirmation is with a mirror and keep it in the present tense. The key is stating something in the form I am or I have. 

Take a moment to form a positive affirmation with the formulas provided:

I AM successful in all that I do.

I HAVE the ability to write well.

If you ever say something negative it is helpful to clear it by saying, "clear."

I learn this concept in a metaphysics class. Once you have a short affirmation you feel comfortable with, say it 17 times a day for 27 days and you'll be surprised at the results. I say them in the shower and while driving.

Positive self-talk cab override the negative and lead you to a happy, balanced, prosperous life. 

Before you say something to yourself or others ask:

1. Is it True?

2. Is it Kind?

3. Is it Positive?

It's time to treat ourselves with the kindness, understanding and love we would easily have for a friend. Be your own best self and tell yourself the things you appreciate yourself for. Make a list everyday of 3 - 5  things you like about yourself then you'll be using positive self-talk. Please share this with a friend