A Child’s Four Basic Needs

We often forget that our child’s basic needs when met lead to improved behavior. Basic needs need to be met for children to behave well. If basic needs are not met children tend to communicate this fact through what we commonly call misbehavior. Of course, sometimes as children, they may misbehave even when these basic needs are met. Consider how well you are doing in these four essential areas. Is there room for improvement?

  1. The primary element is love. Simple things can show a child that you care. A hug, kiss, smile, pat on the back, or a high five.

  2. Children need to feel powerful. By providing choices, children feel empowered. “What would you like for breakfast Johnny, french toast or scrambled eggs?”

  3. A feeling of value is essential. Asking your child for their opinion is a terrific way to help them feel valued. “Which dress do you think I should wear to the dance Susie, the pink or the white?”

  4. Creating a sense of belonging is crucial. All children want to feel a part of something. Having a simple chore establishes a sense of being part of the family.

Let’s remember that kids spell love T-I-M-E! The time we spend with them is what matters the most.

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