How I lost 75 Pounds and Kept It Off

For some, losing weight is easy. They follow a simple rule of eating less and exercising more. For me, a 187 pound 5’3″ woman in her thirties that wasn’t a viable solution. With faith, in 2003 I lost 60 pounds in nine months. In the following year, with guidance, I went down another 15 pounds totaling a 75-pound loss. The weight of a small child. I went from a bursting size 18 to a whopping size ZERO weighing 112 pounds. Here is how to lose weight for good and not find it again. It all starts between your ears!

8 Weeks to Bliss isn’t a diet or quick fix with pills, potions, cleanses and detox schemes. Those are just ways for someone to make money off another person’s misery. The goal for me was healthy and happy, doing so involved thinking more positive and healing the emotions that drove me to the food in the first place. With a degree in psychology, I knew the food wasn’t the problem. The real problem was my emotions which led me to my weakness “food.” It is a statistical fact that 90% of the losers gain the weight back within the next two years plus an additional 10-15 pounds.

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, this may interest you. tThis program isn’t for everyone. Being thin, healthy and full of “BLISS” is about improving, thinking more positive and loving yourself until you are healthy and happy. The best part is a simple metaphysical technique which allows you to think positive and cravings disappear as well as negative thoughts. Saying the technique ensures the weight won’t come back.

  1. Do not watch TV while you eat. You will gain 16% more fat due to the hypnotic state.

  2. Do not eat large meals after 6:00 pm, your fat cells triple in size as your body prepares for rest. (In two weeks I lost six pounds by changing to soup, fruit, vegetables or a smoothie.) Simple!

  3. Drink a full glass of water before meals to fill you up, the result, you will eat less.

  4. Push away from the table when satisfied not full.

  5. Use a small plate and eat small meals every three hours. This regulates your sugar level and allows you to burn fat quicker and boosts your metabolism. Not to mention it shrinks your stomach.

For success stories, other articles related to 8 Weeks to BLISS or to order a copy go to The 8-week program is $830.00 which includes the book, a private session, t-shirt, accountability buddy, group support, teleconferences and our guidance 24 hours 7 days a week.
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