When we clear our homes of things we no longer need and stop talking to people that are negative and not improving, our lives become extraordinary. Once removed, we become happier, our homes become more peaceful and a process termed elimination has occurred.  Some helpful Feng Shui and metaphysical ideas to practice are: closing the bathroom toilet seat and the door when exiting, so the energy and "money" in the household do not go down the drain. Sounds silly right? My monthly income increased greatly since practicing these simple ideas.  Also, mirrors, electric equipment, desks and TV's in the bedroom interfere with sleep and are discouraged. The bedroom, if possible, need only be for making love and sleeping just as a dining room is mainly for eating. And, the head of our bed should be eight inches from the electric currents in the wall. That is if you want to sleep well! Plants do more than provide carbon dioxide and accelerate oxygen to our brains, they are beautiful to look at and provide equilibrium and balance to our living space. Dispersing beautiful green plants and cacti throughout our homes provides an added touch of naturalness and authenticity.  Once I completely redecorated my home and used these pointers, I then invited an emotional friend over for lunch...this was the first time she had seen my home remodeled. She stated, "I felt terrible when I walked in but it's so serene here I feel much better." A client remarked, "Your house is immaculate and so beautiful-there is no stuff!"  Psychologically, our home reflects what is going on inside of us. Consider, once we improve our surroundings, our life changes and we ourselves feel better. When we're at peace, the energy flows and it equates that our life is much better too. The vibration actually changes when energy can move easily and cleanliness is practiced. I challenge you to go through your home with a large plastic bag collecting all the things you do not use or need and just place them in the closet for a week.  Yes, a whole week. Then clean your home extremely well one room at a time and feel the shift in vibration and energy; it is remarkable.  Then call the Vietnam Veterans of America to ensure that our troops are supported. Or, another worthy place to donate things you haven't missed for that week. Next, think of everyone you converse with on a regular basis and determine those that bring you joy; they are the keepers. Those that tend to drain your energy need to eventually be weeded out by not answering the phone or by saying, "I'm too busy!" and then your life is full of fun friends, not energy drainers. When you finish, know that you've just complete a lesson in metaphysics, titled elimination. The result is a peaceful flowing home with pleasant surroundings and friends that are more positive, leading to a mind that thinks more clearly. If you would like more information please contact me by going to the service page and clicking free session. 

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