Write out six priorities and number them in order of importance.

Are you surprised with your list?

You may realize that it’s essential to devote time to the things we value most.

Most people find that relationships are a priority. How much time do we spend relating and molding these relationships? When I became a Certified Parent Educator in 2000, the average parent spent approximately 4 minutes in genuine conversation with each child on a daily basis. NOT good! We are spending more time working, and the reality is, it shows in children’s behaviors.

To remedy that, try using our daily inventory, FREE on our site At dinner ask the first question, “What was the high of your day?” What an excellent way to spend time, sharing and caring about each other. Then see if there was a low in each family members day, use your listening skills and offer compassion. If they want to expand on how they feel, you can ask, How did you feel? And hit on all the questions before bed.

These questions are an excellent tool for emotionally binding a relationship!

If you have a partner, try doing it aloud before bed. I find spending that 8-20 minutes is well worth it.

If you are interested in improvement, try journaling the questions and later, reading back what you’ve written which allows you to see patterns and learn more about yourself. This tool helped me see that I was always upset about my weight and continuously unhappy, so one day I decided to do something about it, lost 75 pounds, and now I have a weight loss program where we heal emotions and learn to think positive with a technique and the weight doesn’t come back! Sounds impossible but it’s true, listen to our video testimonials on the success stories page. Read our reviews on Amazon and decide to take a step to health, happiness, and wellbeing. Imagine a few minutes a day brought me so much!

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