Grams’ Advice

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

(1) Don’t worry about what people say, think or do, focus on YOU! (2) Keep thinking “It has nothing to do with me,” because most of the time it doesn’t. (3) Be the person you were created to be not the person people tell you-you are. (4) Be happy all the time, and it’s a choice, choose it! (5) Never worry about what someone thinks of you, it’s none of your business. (6) Always remember you count and treat others as if they do too. (7) Always be yourself, no one else is as unique as you! (8) Never forget where you came from, it’s the best reminder and humility factor. (9) Don’t lie; it will come back to you in an unappealing way. (10) Always do your best, you’ll never have regret. (11) Never think I can’t do it, 98% of the time you can. (12) Always say “please” and “thank you.” It helps to be polite. (13) Keep holy the Sabbath day, rest and focus on family. (14) Do something kind at least once a day; you’ll be glad you did. (15) Throw food away after three days and don’t waste. (16) Always stop to help if you can, one day it could be you and what you do comes back to you. (17) Never agree to do something you do not want to do; it’s easier to follow through. (18) Never think negative and always think positive, it makes a world of difference. (19) Be the BEST person you can be and pick a role model that you admire and learn from them. (20) Have a hero, and it gives you hope. (21) Never forget you are unique, the past matters not, all that matters is who you are today! (22) Give time to the priorities in your life and always focus on the people who matter most.

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