Encouragement VS. Praise

Although these words seem similar, the results when using them differ greatly. 

Encouragement is defined: to inspire with courage and hope, to stimulate. 

Praise is used to show approval, to commend someone for a deed well done. 

The best way to explain the difference between the two is encouragement is given to someone throughout a race. "You are almost there!"  "You are doing great!" it is consistent support. Praise, on the other hand, is what someone is given at the end of the race when they have won. "You are the best!  While both of these terms are appropriate and affirming: 

ENCOURAGEMENT stimulates cooperation, while praise stimulates competition.

ENCOURAGEMENT focuses on the effort put into a task, yet praise focuses on the accomplishment. 

ENCOURAGEMENT helps a person feel "accepted;" in praise the person feels judged. 

ENCOURAGEMENT looks at a person and how they have helped, praise looks at being better than others. 

ENCOURAGEMENT fosters persistence when; praise often creates quitters.

ENCORAGEMENT comes from within an individual; praise comes from others.

If you are blessed with having a child in your life, you have a profound ability to implement encouragement and see the amazing results.

Many times a day we use encouragement and praise to let someone know how we feel about him or her or a task they have completed. 

We are able to exercise encouragement and almost any relationship we encounter. It fosters a positive feeling within the person and leaves them feeling valued and good about themselves and the work they have done. 

An encouraging statement is specific so the person knows exactly but they have done right. "You handled that difficult customer with patience." A praise statement would be, "You are the greatest." Which would you rather hear? Which do tend to use more, praise or encouragement? 

If you're blessed with having a child in your life as a daughter or son, neighbor, niece, nephew or grandchild you have a profound ability to implement encouragement and see the results. Not only will they feel excellent about themselves, it will also strengthen the relationship you have with them. Think of the people you enjoy spending time with. It is said that, "Children need encouragement like plants need water. " We all do better with a steady supply. Please pass this along to someone you care about.