There is no room for new garments that you could actually wear, if you keep the old. There is no time for enjoyable friends, when you entertain energy drainers. What I'm speaking of is called elimination. When we clear out from our homes things we no longer need and stop talking to people that are not improving, our lives become extraordinary. Once removed, energy is allowed to flow more easily.

I have a few friends that I feel worn out after talking to, and I take responsibility for my part in this. I'm letting them go and suddenly being too "busy" when they call. My best suggestion is to look at the clock and state, " Gosh, it's 7:42, I have to get going." This way you are not telling a falsehood, nor hurting their feelings, but you are taking care of yourself.

You may say, "Why don't you speak to them about it?" That will amount to them feeling bad. Besides, I can't change the patterns of someone else. If you repeat the same mistake two or three times and you expect different results, this is called insanity. I'd rather spend my time productively on my contract. Ironically, after I let go of a support group with many members who only called with problems, I wrote my memoir and 8 Weeks to Bliss with all 5-star reviews. Had I kept in that negative cycle, myself and others wouldn't be benefiting.  

My contract in this life is to help transform people. My goal is to create a world full of happy, healthy, balanced people. If I had continued talking to the "energy drainers" I would have neglected my purpose and not fulfilled my contract. Also, by enabling those not wanting to do the work, we are instrumental in them not fulfilling their contract. 

Of course if the "energy drainer" is a family member, spouse, or child you can't just dissociate from them, however you can limit the amount of time you speak with them. We all have a contract or purpose in this life, mine is so involved, I may never die!

If you're spending your time with people that you don't enjoy, people that leave you feel drained after the conversation, you are absolutely and positively missing out on the people that you are supposed to be interacting with. The people that you're going to benefit from speaking with can't interact with you if you are on the wrong path with the wrong people.

The right people will connect you to your purpose so you're doing yourself a disservice as well as doing them a disservice because they're not growing. They're just repeating the same negativity and when you study neuroscience, Dr. Joe Dispenza's books Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself or The Placebo really teach you how important it is to not continue thinking negative thoughts. Our thoughts create pathways to the brain that will keep us in the same negative cycle. It is a choice. 

We can choose to be positive and be around positive people allowing us to think positive and do positive things. Or, continue being around negative people,  thinking negative thoughts, doing negative things and not living our purpose.  It isn't easy.  Yet, it is  absolutely possible. I've done it and I had quite a bit to change. If I can do it, so can you.

Consider once we improve our surroundings, we improve ourselves and our life changes. When you are at peace, the energy flows and it equals that your life is much better too. 

A challenge from our article, A Home Reflects Inner Peace, is to go through your home with a large plastic bag collecting all of things you do not use or need and just place them in the closet for a week. Yes, a whole week. Then, clean your home extremely well room by room, I started with the smallest room, my bathroom. The vibration in your home changes and the energy can move more readily and easily allowing you to experience better health and less negative energy. You actually can feel the change. Then open the bag and if you didn't need it, miss it or want it, give it to a charity so someone can enjoy it. 

Next, think of everyone you converse  with on a regular basis and determine those that bring you joy. They are the keepers. Of the others, consider the tip I  shared and  suddenly be too busy and say, I got to go when they call and then stop answering their calls. Then you'll have time for yourself and positive friends. You will soon be making a life you deserve. When you finish, know that you just completed a lesson in metaphysics and have changed your entire life for the better.