My Male Visitor

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I spent an interesting three hours with an attractive male with dark hair and dark eyes, a bit younger than I. Our interaction relayed to me how he and so many others value: TV, poor eating habits, and shun exercise.

This is the visit…

Upon arriving he compliments me on my home, and questions, “Where is the TV?” I comment,“I do not have a TV!” He looks at me in disbelief.

I offer him a glass of water with lemon and he says, “Don’t you have Coke?” I reply, “That’s all chemicals, it is not healthy. I only have water.”

I invited him to play volleyball or ping pong, he accepted, but complained after walking several yards.

I presented making lunch and he replied that he only eats grilled cheese and French fries. I mentioned that I only eat what my source makes and he questioned me.

He did not know what to do with me at this point so he groped into his dark green back pack and pulled out Fruit Loops and a sugary grape drink.

Oh, by the way my visitor was a beautiful five-year-old boy. Now, I know I’m the extreme here, and I do not want to push my beliefs of healthy body, mind and soul on anyone. However, isn’t it ridiculous when a child walks into a home that displays a paint set, toys, dry erase board and markers and want TV? Aren’t children supposed to run add play, not loathe a few yards walk? While they are growing, don’t they need nourishment not sugar and carbohydrates?

We wouldn’t put anything other than gas into our cars but many people fill their minds and bodies with garbage.

I learned that a healthy body needs nourishment, rest, and exercise. A healthy mind needs positive information and coping mechanisms. A healthy spirit needs connection to something greater than itself on a daily basis to prosper.

In a lengthy interview I was asked if I had one wish what would it be. After a minute I

responded, “That everyone would love themselves.” If my wish came true for you, how would your life be different from what it is right now? What would you do differently? Maybe watch less TV, eat healthier, and exercise more?

Imagine the results: feeling great, being truly happy and enjoying life. Life is more fulfilling when we choose to make positive changes. All it really comes down to is a positive choice practiced over and over again. We deserve to be truly happy and prosper and make this wish come true. My goal is to teach others to love themselves, think positive, heal emotional issues and be balanced and enjoy a blissful life.