Updated: Feb 14, 2019

What I would like to offer you right now is the power to take any event, situation or circumstance in your life that appears to be negative and find a way to choose to be positive regardless of what it is.  You may think this sounds like Pollyanna, yet is actually possible.  I would like to preface with the fact that I have struggled horribly with health issues half of my life and I've actually use these techniques to remarkable level. Hopefully that gives me some credibility.  First, it helps to believe that there is something orchestrating our lives. For some it is energy, others a higher power, but the main thing is that we do not have to do it all by ourselves.

Telling the universe what we need, believing we will get it, and being thankful when we do helps to stabilize our lives. Second, our beliefs need to be cleaned up a bit before we can get started. Many of the negative beliefs we have are not true. We accept them because we heard them a lot or we do not realize that we can change them.  Make a list right now of what you believe about yourself and analyze each belief to see if it is true. My father called me The "Village Idiot" all my life, yet once I changed that belief I earned a 4.0 GPA in graduate school. 

Third, beliefs make our thoughts, so be careful what you think. If you tend to think negative thoughts about yourself or others, remember, you get more of what you focus on. All of this takes practice but if you keep at it the benefits are wonderful. 

NEGATIVE FEELINGS Fourth, thoughts turn into feelings, yet feelings are not facts. We do not have to act on negative feelings. Having an alternative plan is something you can do instead of feeling badly about yourself. Example: Go for a walk or do an activity to change that cycle.  Also, it's imperative to have support from a friend, group, or therapist. If that is not possible, keeping a journal is an excellent tool, but make sure you hide that notebook. For years I hit mine between the mattress. Who would look there? The main idea is to get feelings out. Do not hold them inside! 

CONSEQUENCES  Fifth, feelings create behaviors and this is where most of us do something we wish we had not. The good news, if you adhere to the first four points you will not have as much difficulty with your behavior. It's helpful to make amends as long as you realize that you need to alter your conduct for them to be effective. Try to think before you speak:a) Is it true?b) Is it kind?c) Is it positive? Correspondingly, before you act, think it through. What will be the consequences of my actions?

AFFIRMING BELIEFS Sixth, what you say to yourself on a daily basis is much more crucial than you realize. Get some positive authors like Dr. Wayne Dyer to motivate you in the right direction. We need to reprogram our subconscious with a lot of affirming believes. If you put a hole in a carton of orange juice, you're not going to get milk. You get out what you put in! 

GOOD FROM BAD Seventh, look for the lesson in every circumstance that occurs. Otherwise, it will just repeat itself.  There is always good from bad, always! It is a positive thinker that chooses to find it!