Where can I go to find a High-Functioning Female?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The idea of looking for someone is what we caution against. If you're living fully, the right person will come into your life and join you on your journey. When we're looking for something we're not in the moment and often miss other opportunities along the way. The act of being in the right place at the right time or serendipity exists when one is following their heart. For example, during the day on New Year's Eve, I felt like walking two miles to a restaurant to celebrate. On the way home, I met an attractive man on a bike and started 2007 with a date.

Listening to your intuition leads to accomplishing your goals almost all of the time. My

reader himself has to be what he desires. Educating oneself in the areas of interest is

important for some. Being in shape physically is essential to others. For others, living a

good life, making positive choices or a spiritual component becomes important. The

premise to consider is the healthier you are the healthier people you will attract.

The belief that the right person is out there is significant. Of course, we need to let the

universe know exactly what you want. Making a list of 10 things you must have in a

partner and 10 things you cannot stand narrows your focus. Asking the universe is like

going to a restaurant, you do not just ask for a meal, specificity is key to being pleased.

Growing on an emotional level is critical for our relationship to be successful. Once you

become involved with someone consider reading Harville Hendrix's book, Getting the

Love You Want.” It teaches couples how to love and enjoy each other ALL the time. I

was taught by him personally and value the experience. 

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