Achieve your weight loss goals with our proven program 8 Weeks to Bliss: A Proven Wellness Program with Life Changing Results. Cravings diminish, positivity and motivation come thanks to our secret “Happiness Technique.” The only weight loss program which builds confidence, heals emotional issues while making you think more positive, resulting in you wanting to eat healthily and exercise.

Founder, Caterina Casto lost 75-pounds and sustained her loss for over a decade, went from a size 18 to a zero and began teaching others with amazing success. Caterina's revolutionary approach produces lasting weight loss, total transformation by healing on all levels. We can now also help you overcome diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid issues as well by changing the food plan for this issue.

Lasting Weight Loss is the result of tailoring the program to assist you to heal from the emotional issues causing you to overeat and allow for greater confidence, positive thinking, with individual as well as group support. An accountability buddy is key enabling for continuous 1:1 support. You always have access to a weight loss counselor to serve you better.

We suggest Juice Plus available on our site to ensure you receive adequate nutrition as it is actually a whole food, much better than vitamins and supplements and the most researched in the industry. Enjoy greater energy, managed stress, increased immunity and better health as Caterina did once taking Juice Plus.



Caterina now has more energy and rarely gets sick as a result of taking this natural food source. It also helps with stress allowing a healthier more productive person who gets the correct amount of nutrients per day.


Grow your own fruits and vegetables with the TOWER GARDEN as well as begin taking the closest thing to NATURAL fruits and vegetables in a convenient capsule form. There are also tasty gummies for the kids.

Expert Review

Tina Jones, M.D.

Dr. Tina Jones is a staff physician at Emory Adventist Hospital of Smyrna in Smyrna, Georgia, specializing in internal medicine. In this video, she encourages people to take ownership of their health through preventive health, emphasizing self-care through diet and exercise.

Dr. Jones finds people are not eating right and must learn how to eat healthy, quality foods to live a robust life.  That’s why she recommends Juice Plus+ as a way to improve diet.  Dr. Jones remarks, "Juice Plus+ strengthens the immune system. None of us know when health challenges will come our way. A nutritionally sound body heals itself better than a malnourished body can. Juice Plus+ adds the nutrition plus we all need."

With a degree in psychology, Caterina finds emotional issues are the root of most overeating behaviors. With over 31 years of experience, success counseling drug and alcohol addicts, and her personal transformation over food addiction she addresses and heals your emotional issues, works with you 1:1, provides weekly sessions, weekly encouragement emails, a book, group support and an accountability buddy for daily connection. Upon completion you will earn a T-shirt which reads Balanced and Blissful!

We work with you to ensure you reach your weight loss goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle minus food issues.

Our results are proven and finally, lasting weight loss is possible. The secret that separates us is our miraculous technique from metaphysics which changes negative thoughts allowing for positivity bringing healing on all levels. Food will become a way of nourishing your body rather than a means of stuffing emotions.

You will watch your waist shrink as your smile grows. The program is easy to follow. We suggest a cheat meal each week to ensure you never feel deprived and we also provide a list of tips and substitutions for remarkable success!

We tailor your plan to your individual needs, lifestyle, issues and goals.

Motivation and commitment come with our miraculous technique and we have an exceptional success rate. Although everyone contacted loses and sustains, there have been three people who took longer than eight weeks, due to increased resentment, unforgiveness, and financial issues. All the others now enjoy the lasting results and the blissful life we promise!

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, this will be the last weight loss program you ever need!

We successful service women, men, and children. Family plans are available and encouraged.


You will enjoy:

  • a private session tailored for your emotional issues and lifestyle

  • supervision by our psychological counselor

  • increased energy

  • cravings that disappear

  • healthy, safe weight loss (usually 16 - 20 lbs. or more in eight weeks)

  • a nutritional plan tailored to your blood type

  • healing on ALL levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially)

  • "Lasting Weight Loss" (thanks to our secret technique)

  • a "Blissful" life

We currently service South Florida and soon will be international allowing transformation by internet from the comfort of your home. Enjoy a free 15-minute consult today!



Lamiderm Apex

Laminine® also contains fibroblast growth factor (FGF). It is a substance rebuilding the damaged cells and restoring them to the naturally healthy state, wherein the function most effectively.


Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+® Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blends provide added whole food based nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient capsule form.


The Environmental Allergy Kit

Treats most common allergies to food, toxins and vaccines. The Deluxe Kit also includes 4 additional vials to treat most common environmental allergies.