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Experienced with Children, Teens, Adults, and Older Adults In:

 Addiction, Parenting, Relationships, Sexual Abuse, etc.



Our Method

The secret that separates us is our miraculous technique from metaphysics which changes negative thoughts allowing for positivity bringing healing on all levels. 

Our secret to healing on all levels is:

  • removing blocks to success

  • allowing for financial abundance

  • improving confidence in three weeks

  • assisting clients to meet goals

  • healing emotional issues quickly

  • creating BALANCE and Bliss

  • changing negative to positive



Laminine contains Vitamins, Amino Acids and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). By rebuilding damaged cells and restoring them to the naturally healthy state, Caterina healed from several illnesses and her clients do as well.

Juice Plus+

Juice Plus, is the most researched in the industry. Not a vitamin or supplement, but the nutrition of 30 fruits and vegetables in capsule form. Caterina has more energy, rarely gets sick, and handles stress better since taking Juice Plus. 

The Environmental Allergy Kit

Tired of running to an allergist and spending thousands?
The Allergy Kit treats most common allergies to food, toxins and vaccines. It desensitizes you! Caterina had 64 symptoms, after using this kit she ONLY had 14!


Crunchi products are made with a combination of safe, certified organic, and EcoCert ingredients. Utilizing years of compiled evidence based research and safety data, and research from non-profit health organizations, we have thoughtfully selected ingredients that will not put your health at risk.



​“This is an amazing workbook that anyone can use for daily issues. As a business owner, the tools and techniques are simple, easy to use throughout the day and evokes clearly changes from the inside out. I wrote in pencil knowing that I could use it again and again. The technique works every time if you are honest and put forth the effort! Remember that it is WORK to work on yourself. Re-read the book every 3 months, you’ll be AMAZED at the improved you! I highly recommend this workbook.”

RW, Charleston SC

Lasting Weight Loss - Caterina casto

A proven program designed to bring in health, happiness, and balance, while leaving behind emotional issues, sadness, and weight problems.

8 WEEKS of BLISS has been PROVEN effective with 4 years of research to bring LIFE CHANGING results it lasts.

Our clients:

  1. Lose 16-20 Pounds and Keep it Off

  2. Heal Emotional Issues

  3. Become Happier

  4. Gain Confidence

  5. Become BALANCED, Grounded and Centered

  6. Look, Feel and Become Their BEST Self

  7. Manage Their Eating  Habits 


Finally, a wellness plan that allows you to be healthy, happy and an ideal weight without deprivation or over-exercising. 8 Weeks Of BLISS is a PROVEN program that combines healing from emotional issues (the actual problem) with being more in control of your mind, the main obstacle. With a simple technique, clients become happier, heal emotionally, want to exercise and do eat right leaving behind sadness, negativity and unwanted weight. Imagine this; cravings go away within 2-3 weeks, naturally and healthfully. Does this sound too good to be true? Please read actual testimonials and become one of many who has found the actual FAT CURE and better yet, it lasts!


This program is unlike any other and has 4 years of research to back it up. Once you learn the technique it takes about 2 weeks and you control your life and gain things you desire. This isn’t a just a weight plan; NBC TV called it a LIFE CHANGING experience. 




Transform your life, purchase the book with a private session.

8 Weeks to BLISS: A Wellness Programs with Life-Changing Results

ALL 5 Star Reviews on Amazon



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