Weight Loss That Lasts

Finally, a revolutionary weight loss program where cravings go away and amazingly the results last. The key is becoming "balanced." Once healed emotionally, then physical change comes easily. Most clients experience total transformation and say their lives are more "Blissful."


Mary Catherine "Caterina" Casto is a 75 lb. loser.

Achieve your weight loss goals with our proven program 8 Weeks to Bliss: A Proven Wellness Program with Life Changing Results. Cravings diminish, positivity and motivation come thanks to our secret “Happiness Technique.” The only weight loss program which builds confidence, heals emotional issues while making you think more positive, resulting in you wanting to eat healthily and exercise.

Founder, Caterina Casto lost 75-pounds and sustained her loss for over a decade, went from a size 18 to a zero and began teaching others with amazing success. Caterina's revolutionary approach produces lasting weight loss, total transformation by healing on all levels. We can now also help you overcome thyroid issues as well by changing the food plan for this issue.

Lasting Weight Loss is the result of tailoring the program to assist you to heal from the emotional issues causing you to overeat and allow for greater confidence, positive thinking, with individual as well as group support. An accountability buddy is key enabling for continuous 1:1 support. You always have access to a weight loss counselor to serve you better.

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