Specializing in:


  • Lasting Weight Loss

  • Total Transformation

  • Manifesting Magnificence

  • Healing Emotional Issues

  • Creating BALANCE

  • Wellness

  • Instilling "BLISS"


Mary Catherine "Caterina" Casto has 30 years experience as a Psychological Counselor and has transformed lives nationally. In 2004 she was honored as “Best Therapist” by Dr. Kay Rhodes at 5th Street Counseling for her rapid results improving felons lives in the areas of anger management, addictions, and parent education. Caterina also created and directed the Children and Divorce Seminar for Broward County with a 98%.


In 2008 Caterina was invited on NBC TV as well as Univision for her revolutionary approach to weight loss and total transformation. She did not appear as her research for lasting results was not complete. Her legacy of “Lasting Weight Loss” now stops the statistic of 90% of dieters gaining back the weight lost within two years plus an additional 10 – 15 pounds. Caterina’s mission is to end the sadness and lack of control regarding food, bad habits or addiction. Her approach is treating others by the Golden Rule, as inexpensively, quickly, and healthfully as possible.


Caterina authored “8 Weeks to Bliss: A Proven Wellness Program with Life Changing Results” which integrates her expertise in both psychology and metaphysics (a natural, spiritual, balancing approach to wellness) and personal experience as a 75-pound loser and sustainer for over a decade. See video success stories for the results you need to overcome food and thyroid issues enabling you to live a healthy, happy, energetic, prosperous and “blissful” life!


Clients heal their emotional issues, improve their self-esteem, think more positive, enjoy lasting weight loss, and more prosperous, “Blissful” lives.


As a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, no one walks out of her improvement sessions the same as he or she walks in. Her style, due to being a trained presenter is Interesting, Informative, Interactive, and Introspective.


Asa BLISS Coach, Caterina has worked nationally after her column Counseling Corner was a hit in South Florida. Her expertise allows clients to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, and financially. As a result, her two businesses of Heal All Levels and Lasting Weight Loss combined. Become a client and excel in your personal and professional life as the result is BLISS!


Caterina Casto’s purpose is to have a more BALANCED world with healthier and happier people. She believes it begins with everyone healing, loving themselves, thinking positive and leading a blissful life. Thus, her programs accomplish these and much more.

Caterina enjoys healing others, laughter, intellectual conversation, reading, music, camping, tennis, dancing and playing with children.



  • Reiki Practitioner 

  • Pranic Healing Practitioner

  • Bachelors in Psychology

  • Certified Parent Educator   CPE

  • Certified Family Educator   CFE

  • Certified Rape Crisis Counselor   CRCC​

  • Certified in Smart Recovery Addictions CSR

  • Certified in Leadership Training CLT

  • Metaphysics- 8 years, privately w/ Marjolaine

  • Reality Therapy

  • Beauty Consultant

  • Weight Loss

Media Coverage:

  • Blog Talk Radio September 2012

  • Natural Awakening Magazine March 2008

  • Third Eye Live Radio September 2010 and October 2013

  • Happy Herald newspaper Counseling Corner column: 48 published articles

  • The Examiner, completing six published article

  • Never Say Impossible Radio Show October 2012

  • The Reporter newspaper, totaling approximately eight published articles



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